23. Influencers and Entrepreneurship.

With: Laura Bull and Paul Zelizer

Creating an authentic and meaningful brand is vital to a business’ (or an individual’s) success. On this episode of the Lindsey Elmore Show, both of my guests break down important parts to a business: social impact and branding.

Laura Bull spent 10 years with Sony Music Entertainment and became one of the youngest executives at 28 years old. She specifically worked with artist development and marketing for globally recognized brands such as Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Johnny Cash, RCA Records and more.

She worked to transform people into viable brands, and details strategies a formula that can work for everyone in her new book, “From Individual to Empire.”

Then I’m speaking with Paul Zelizer, who focuses on wisdom-based business solutions, about how he helps craft companies that contribute to the greater good in the world. Paul is the host of “Awarepreneurs” podcast, which focuses on teaching us the intersection of conscious business, social impact and awareness practices to create a better world.

He shares the need of conscious entrepreneurs, and works with leaders to create transformational impacts that businesses can have around the world around them.

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