14. Radical Self Acceptance.

With: Virgie Tovar, Komal Pandya and Dayna Mott.

In this episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey and her guests tackle one of the biggest issues that women face: lack of self acceptance.

First, Lindsey talks with Virgie Tovar, author of The Self-Love Revolution: Radical Body Positivity for Girls of Color and You Have the Right to Remain Fat. These books help to uncover unconscious biases against fat people and help people to accept the body they are born in, no matter the size. Virgie brings her own journey of radical self acceptance to the table, challenging people to rethink how they many see the world.

Then, Lindsey sits down with Dr. Komal Pandya, who defied her family's expectations of her while still maintaining an excellent relationship with them. She learned how to accept herself and defined what she wanted her own life to look like, despite some of the rigid expectations her parents may have had of her. She talks how therapy, confidence and open communication can greatly encourage acceptance of self.

Finally, Lindsey talks with Dayna Mott, author of Kinky Locks about how people with textured hair can care for it without exposing themselves to harsh chemicals that are often marketed to African Americans. She talks about the necessity of seeing textured hair in the media, saying an absence of textured hair only encourages young African American girls to believe they need to change something about themselves, instead of promoting self acceptance.

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