38. Achieving Wellness in Our Natural State.

With: Dr. Jess Peatross

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38. Achieving Wellness in Our Natural State.

What can we be doing to simply live healthier lives? We in the United States are constantly looking for the secret to a healthier life, when in fact we have the tools to create that right in front of us.

Dr. Jess Peatross is an expert in the field of stealth infections, infections disease, and more. She is a visionary of the future of healthcare, and is trained in the realm of functional medicine.

When Dr. Jess realized that allopathic medicine was not the perfect fit to actually heal chronic disease, she went in seek of the “real answers” that get down to the root of the cause of illness. She noticed that anxiety and hormone imbalances, among other things, were taking a toll on her patients’ health, realizing that true health must include our mind, our body, and our spirit.

Then, stick around to hear about finding your people. In the middle of a stressful year or a stressful situation, nothing means more than surrounding yourself with people who accept you exactly as you are. How do we find those people? Tune in to find out.

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