37. Working Well While Working Remote.

With: Tarin Calmeyer

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Today on the Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey is talking with Tarin Calmeyer of Remote Team Wellness.

Tarin’s goal is to encourage companies to focus on their employees’ health and wellness, sharing principles and practices that will not only improve the lives of their employees but the state of the company overall. Tarin states that when employees are nurtured at a company, they know they are there for a purpose, not just a paycheck. This in turn gives the company purpose on a larger scale.

She has spent more than 10 years bringing together yoga and mediation expertise to the workplace, and her teachings highlight an understanding of the body, mindfulness and conscious living.

In 2020 Tarin and her team launched Remote Team Wellness, a live virtual wellness solution designed to bring health and balance to companies and their employees.

Then, Lindsey will share tips on being successful at home, and finding a work-life balance in order to stay in control of our mental health.

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