Some people love mayo, some people hate it. For sandwiches, burgers, and in my house, fries, you just gotta have it. This vegan mayonnaise is a great option for those adhering to a vegan diet. This also makes a great base for a vegan ranch dressing and dip.

This versatile recipe is one that you will find yourself making again and again. Experiment with a variety of spices for different recipes. Like spicy mayo? Try some cayenne pepper or harissa seasoning. Want something a little zesty for a sandwich wrap? Add a bit of dill and a splash of vinegar for some zip. The possibilities for customizing this vegan mayonnaise are endless!

Make it a Meal

Try your vegan mayonnaise with my Vegan Mushroom Lentil Burgers! Finish your vegan meal with a side of my favorite sweet potato fries or crispy garlic tahini hummus fries!