I love Thinx for many reasons. One major reason on that list is the ease of caring for each pair of these awesome period proof panties. So many people are hung up on this, so here’s a run-down of how to wash Thinx panties.

The Choice is Yours

Caring for your Thinx is just as easy as using them. You can hand-wash them or throw them in the washer.

Hand Washing

If you choose to hand wash your Thinx, you can use lukewarm or room temperature water. First rinse the underwear until the water runs clear. Then use a mild soap to clean them thoroughly. Be gentle, and do not wring or twist the garments too much. Of course you’ll want to make sure to rinse completely before hanging them up to dry.

Machine Washing

If you’d rather wash your Thinx in the washing machine, wash them on cold. Friendly tip: Washing your undergarments on the delicate cycle will preserve them for many menstrual cycles. You can even wash other clothes on this cycle; they’ll be totally fine.

While some people worry about staining or safety, it’s actually completely hygienic to wash your Thinx with your other clothing. However, if you’re still worried about combining all of your laundry, you can always give your underwear a quick rinse before tossing them in the washer. If you decide to go this route, make sure they dry fully before throwing in your laundry basket.

Handle with Care

Make sure you don’t dry your Thinx in a clothes dryer. Your Thinx should hang dry for several hours or over night. Pairs that are for heavy flow days may take longer to dry than the thinner pairs for light days.

Treat your Thinx like any other pair of underwear or bra. The better that you care for them, the longer they will last for many periods to come.

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