People often think that doing a cleanse involves being hungry all the time. On the contrary, during the Clean Slate Cleanse, I encourage you to eat whenever you are hungry. The Cleanse is not at all about counting calories or watching macros. It is about eating healthy, wholesome plant-based, natural foods. Because our bodies digest these foods more easily, some people need to eat more often. Check out these great vegan snack recipes to enjoy during the Cleanse or pretty much anytime you want a nutritious snack.

Benefits of Snacking

Studies show that eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day helps maintain energy levels, stabilize blood sugar, and improve metabolism. Having a healthy snack decreases hunger and reduces cravings, which can often lead to overeating or eating the wrong thing. When you reach a state of hunger, you are more apt to grab something quick and easy. Convenience foods are typically high in calories and are rarely healthy, thus contributing to weight gain.

Simple Healthy Snacks

Choosing healthy snacks is key. With a little planning and prep, many snacks can be prepared ahead. Others are readily grab-and-go options. Some of my favorite vegan snacks include:

  • Fresh fruit, plain or with a smear of nut butter
  • Fresh veggies with hummus
  • Gluten-free crackers or chips with a small serving of guacamole or salsa
  • Edamame with sea salt
  • Homemade trail mix with nuts, seeds, and sugar-free dried fruit
  • Popcorn (not microwaved) with sea salt and nutritional yeast
  • Nuts, such as almonds, cashews, or pecans.

Vegan Snack Recipes

I also love to have a few things prepped ahead of time when I’m in the mood for something a bit “more”. Try these vegan snack recipes and let me know what you think! A word of caution: A few of these are some of my favorite fried indulgences. Don’t overdo it on fried foods. Vegan or not, eating fried foods every day is not a great choice.

What are your favorite vegan snacks? Share your ideas below!

For more great recipes, check out my Clean Slate Cleanse Cookbook!