153. The Fight For Medical Freedom

With: Jeff Witzeman

Jeff Witzeman is a filmmaker and health freedom activist. He has been harassed and censored by the Federal Government and corporate media at every turn for telling the truth and standing up for people's rights. Jeff is the President of Health Freedom For Humanity, which is the fastest growing health freedom movement in the world. His recent film, Beliefs & Stories, has become a revelation on what is possible as we take media to the next level. Beliefs & Stories explores the ways that emotional/spiritual issues play into disease.

Topics covered in this episode:

• What is Health Freedom For Humanity?
• Mandates
• Beliefs & Stories
• How do we unhook from adverse childhood experiences?
• How to leave behind addiction and codependency.

To learn more about Guest and her/his work, head over to www.beliefsandstories.com www.healthfreedomforhumanity.org IG @jeffwitzeman

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