152. Modern Migraine Management

With: Meg Mill

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Dr. Meg Mill is a Functional Medicine Health Consultant and Clinical Pharmacist. She sees patients in her virtual Functional Medicine Practice healing the root cause of their health struggles through advance diagnostic testing and personalized support.

Before practicing Functional Medicine, Meg spent almost two decades practicing as a Clinical Pharmacist. Her specialties include migraines, gut health, hormone balance, and anxiety. With her conventional and functional medicine expertise, she helps her patients improve their health naturally while still understanding and respecting conventional practice protocols. She is particularly passionate about helping people suffering from chronic headaches or migraines find relief and increase productivity and energy to enjoy their life again with her proven 8 step HEADACHE protocol.

Topics covered in this episode:

• The different types of headaches.
• Conventional headache treatments.
• The root causes of migraine headaches.
• Foods that can help with migraine headaches.
• Supplements.
• How stress leads to headaches.
• Hormonal migraines.
• Detoxification and exercise.
• The 8 step HEADACHE protocol.

Referenced in the episode:

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To learn more about Guest and her/his work, head over to www.megmill.com

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