154. Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

With: Shaliza Shorey

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154. Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Shaliza Shorey is a licensed Neuropsychologist in Private Practice. In addition to her clinical work, she has been involved in teaching assessment seminars to post doctorate students as part of her role on the medical staff at El Camino Hospital.

Dr. Shorey serves as an independent consultant to physicians and mental health providers working with patients with chronic pain and neuropsychological conditions. Her areas of expertise include pain management and neuropsychology, including EMDR, Neuro and Biofeedback.

Dr. Shorey also has a strong interest in developing value based multidisciplinary programs for better managing chronic conditions. She is the Founder and CEO of AEpiphany, a telehealth company focused on improving care for mental health and chronic conditions. She is passionate about promoting value-based care that helps individuals become self- efficacious and feel empowered. She is the president of the American Association of Pain Psychology, an organization focused on spreading knowledge about better managing chronic pain conditions.

Topics covered in this episode:

• What is Alzheimer’s disease and the risk factors that lead to it?
• The causes of Alzheimer’s disease.
• Some of the earliest symptoms.
• How to approach a loved one about Alzheimer’s disease.
• Helpful diets.
• How to counsel caregivers around the time of death of a loved one.
• Elderly risks of neglect or abuse.
• Chronic infections.

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