197. Embracing Pain to Resolve It

With: Dr. Yoni Whitten

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Dr. Yoni Whitten is an expert in the art & science of permanent pain resolution. In addition to his hands-on work with patients over the last 16 years, Dr. Whitten has spent years researching & studying with experts in manual medicine, functional neurology and rehabilitation. Through his practice, he developed a revolutionary approach to chronic pain. Now, the system that Dr.Whitten developed has been codified & is available to chronic pain sufferers around the world. The Pain Fix Protocol, blends the latest scientific research with essential concepts from the fields of evolutionary health, natural movement, nutrition, structural hygiene, self-care and human performance.

Topics covered in this episode:

Causes of Pain
Lifestyle Changes causing Pain
Non Susceptive Pain Signals
Pain Thresholds
Surgery Necessity
Lower Back Pain
Cultural Differences in Pain
Movement Necessity
Western Medicine
Drug Companies

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To learn more about Yoni Whitten and his work, head over to https://www.painfixprotocol.com/

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If you enjoyed the conversation with Dr. Whitten, I encourage you to join the webinar that is going live October 22nd, Dr Whitten will talk about pain, why chronic pain is such a problem, biggest mistakes people with pain make, and how you can empower yourself to resolve your pain on your own. Head to www.lindseyelmore.com/painfixprotocol to get signed up for the free webinar!

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