125. Walk toward a healthier life

With: Joyce Shulman

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Throughout her personal and professional life, Joyce Shulman’s regular walking practice has been her key for managing stress, fueling creativity, and maintaining her health. After discovering that the research confirms what she learned instinctively, Joyce founded 99 Walks to help women experience what these recent studies have shown: that walking can improve decision-making and executive function, combat depression, increase creativity and literally add years to one’s life. 99 Walks grew over 1500% percent in 2020 with a community of women that walked over 1.5 million miles.

Topics covered in this episode:

• What are the benefits of walking?
• Walking and your memory.
• How walking can change our mood.
• Body health and walking.
• How walking in groups can help with loneliness.
• 99 Walks
• What’s an intentional walk?
• The harm of industrial fitness complex.
• Where to start a walk, especially if pain or stuffiness is part of your life.
• How walking builds pack mentality.

Referenced in the episode:

• Casey Means will be in a future episode.
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