205. How Herbal Medicine Can Create Healing Foods

With: Juliet Blankespoor

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205. How Herbal Medicine Can Create Healing Foods

Juliet Blankespoor is the founder of the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine (an online school serving thousands of students from around the globe) and the author of The Healing Garden: Cultivating and Handcrafting Herbal Remedies. She’s a bonafide plant geek, with a degree in botany and over 30 years of experience teaching and writing about herbalism, medicine making, and organic herb gardening. Juliet and her family reside in a home overrun with houseplants and books in Asheville, NC.

Topics covered in this episode:

Herbal Medicine
Atypical Plants to Grow
Dehydrating Plants & Herbs
Plants Throughout The Home
Personal Care Herbs
Harvesting & Preparing Meals
Experiencing Nature

Referenced in the episode:

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To learn more about Juliet Blankespoor and her work, head over to https://www.chestnutherbs.com/ IG @chestnutschoolherbs

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