105. Craft the Birth That You Want.

With: Melissa Schultz

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Melissa Schultz is a postpartum and birth doula. She’s DONA-certified and a CLC. As a mother of two children herself, she believes that birth is truly a transformative experience and that all women deserve and can benefit from the presence of a trained female birth companion. She’s cohost of The LC & Doula Diaries podcast.

Topics covered in this episode:

• How doulas guide people and families through the entire process of welcoming a new human being into the world.
• How people that are giving birth and their families can really see the entire journey and optimize their experience.
• How to prep before birth and the comfort measures.
• Is Zoom doulaing a thing?
• How to prepare yourself internally to be ready for the childbirth moment, while challenging oneself to be as powerful as one can.
• Postpartum preparation.

Melissa Schultz is offering a free download, ‘5 Steps to Prepare for the Birth that You Want,’ for all of Lindsey Elmore’s listeners. Head to https://view.flodesk.com/pages/607f745dd4884b088febe4d0

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