106. Supporting Your Genes with Nutrition.

With: Dr. Seema Kanwal

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Dr. Kanwal is a practicing naturopathic doctor in Vancouver and is the only Naturopathic doctor trained in Canada in the Apo E Gene diet. She has extensive experience with and is passionate about working with individuals who have rare genetic diseases and suffer many stress related conditions as a result such as mental health issues, insomnia, and low energy. She helps to guide people living with rare diseases to increased mental wellness, energy, vitality and an overall higher standard of life – they often didn’t know was possible to experience with their condition.

Topics covered in this episode:

• The different types of genetic conditions.
• Some of the behaviors we have that are gene supportive and others that can be gene disruptive.
• Can you lead an illness-free life?
• Simple things that patients have incorporated into their lives to get illnesses under control.
• Where do people begin to find a solution for a healthier life, after looking for so many years? Is there a combination of things to do?
• What’s the harm of eating sugar? Are all universally bad or is there some flexibility?
• Encouraged rituals to go through for a healthier lifestyle.

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