107. Intermittent Fasting as Key Pillar of Health.

With: Dr. David Jockers

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107. Intermittent Fasting as Key Pillar of Health.

Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS runs one of the hottest natural health websites in www.DrJockers.com which has gotten over 1 million monthly visitors, and his work has been seen on popular media such as the Dr. Oz show and Hallmark Home and Family. His book ‘The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough’ came out in January 2021, and his new book ‘The Fasting Transformation: A Functional Guide to Burn Fat, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life with Intermittent & Extended Fasting’ is coming out in October 2021.

Topics covered in this episode:

• What is intermittent fasting and what are the benefits to our health?
• What are the overall risks of lack of metabolic flexibility?
• Who benefits from intermittent fasting and who may not?
• Should people who have chronic inflammation or autoimmune disorders intermittent fast?

Referenced in the episode:

• The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin

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