108. How to Make Science Simple.

With: Syed Rizvi

Syed M. Rizvi is an anatomy & clinical sciences educator. He is the founder of REV MED, a medical education learning platform, which was an overnight success reaching thousands across the globe, on social media. Syed likes to make things simple. He is a teacher, passionate about leveraging social media to improve student retention and narrow educational gaps.

Using his methodology of concise, effective, and simple information delivery, he put together an international team to author COVID-19: The Reason Why the Earth Stood Still in 2020. It is an illustrated guide to take you through all the facts from start to finish in an easy to read, and step-by-step format. It serves up bite-sized chapters filled with ample information about the contagion along with colorful diagrams describing the virus and disease.

Topics covered in this episode:

• What inspired Syed M. Rizvi to begin REV MED?
• How visual and engaging learning can lead to us having better retention and memory with what we are being taught.
• What is the evolution of education in this post- COVID, e-learning era?
• How do we become better teachers, while cutting through all the online noise?
• Why write COVID-19: The Reason Why the Earth Stood Still?
• Top tips on how to make learning more entertaining, more engaging and more memorable.

Referenced in the episode:

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