116. Nutrient Depletions Caused by Medicines.

With: Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is a functional nutrition expert. She uses a functional approach to look at your entire health story and identify key areas, such as, nutrient deficiencies, biochemical imbalances and genetic mutations that may be making you feel ill. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Even Health, Inc.

Topics covered in this episode:
• What is medication-induced nutrient depletion and how is it impacting the quality of life of people who are using prescription drugs?
• Some of the general ways that nutrients move through our body.
• Where do the nutrients go and how does the body process them along the way?
• How can people establish enough health at baseline to maximize nutrient absorption?
• Some specific medication classes.
• Some of the common nutrient depletions that happen with statin drugs.
• Known nutrient depletions that happen because of the SSRI drugs.
• Known nutrient depletions that happen because of birth control drugs.

Sarah Morgan is offering listeners a discount with the code: welcome15 at www.feeleven.com to replenish the nutrients your medication depletes.

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