111. The Whole Story of What Your Skin Needs.

With: Alison Keith

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Alison Keith is the co-founder of Whole Story Skin, a family-owned & operated company with privately owned formulas that have been refined with over 40+ years of scientific research and development. Alison along with her husband are taking luxury skin care to the next level with a direct-to-customer experience. Their mission is to educate the next generation on a tried-and-true ancient philosophy on skin care. Targeting the cause, and not just the symptoms, can dramatically reverse the signs of premature aging without knives, needles, or chemical peels.

Topics covered in this episode:
• Alison’s philosophy of truly holistic skin care.
• What are some of the daily behaviors people have that are causing their skin to look older?
• What are the key things that our skin needs on a regular basis?
• What is the best way to exfoliate?
• How to select the best skin products.
• Recommended skincare routines.

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