The season when the sun is in Capricorn spans from December 21 to January 20. During this time, the atmosphere seems to fill with Capricorn’s energy of ambition, discipline, and focus. You might find yourself more concerned with success and achievement and slightly less focused on spiritual or emotional things. In a nutshell, the season of Capricorn is a time to get moving and hustle towards those aspirations.


If a Capricorn has a motto, it may go something like, “I can achieve anything I can put my mind too.” Smart, hardworking, driven Capricorns typically won’t allow anything to stop them from moving ahead in the direction of their desires or destiny. This may make them seem stubborn and controlling, but in reality they just know what they want and are willing to do the work it takes to get it.

Capricorns naturally prefer order and firm guidelines. While they can go with the flow and think outside the box, sometimes too many choices or too much freedom leaves them paralyzed to make a decision. Their steadfast determination and ambition makes them great at climbing the corporate ladder to high corporate positions.

The goal-oriented, overachieving Capricorn sometimes gets so focused on the hustle that they neglect to consider the feelings of others. And as much as they find it difficult to be mindful of others, they also struggle to express their own. It’s important to make them feel valued and appreciated to draw them out of their shells.

In relationships, the Capricorn will always push their partner to be the best he or she can be. They approach a relationship like a job, believing that hard work can make the bond as strong as possible. 

Celebrate Capricorn Season by Focusing on Your Success

As we transition from the Sagittarius season of reflection, Capricorn is a time to put the pedal to the metal. With the beginning of a new year, many people find themselves taking stock of the progress and achievements of the past year. The atmosphere begs for list-making and goal setting. It’s the time to embrace resourcefulness, discipline, and ambition.

So get your journals out and make those resolutions. Brainstorm some goals for the year that lies ahead. This isn’t the time to dream, but rather to set concrete, realistic goals, right along with the steps required to achieve them. Embrace the Capricorn energy and get motivated by the desire for tangible, real-world achievement and success.

So go all-in and celebrate Capricorn season by getting down to business. Just remember that this doesn’t have to be entirely bound up in the hustle and productivity and making money. Don’t shut off imagination and creativity. Rather, look at this season as a chance to do the work to make those wild dreams real and obtainable.

The Root Chakra

The governing chakra for Capricorn season is the root chakra. The source of stability, security, and control, the root chakra is key to staying grounded and balanced as you pursue your higher purpose. When in balance, the root chakra provides inner peace and self confidence. However, when this chakra is out of balance, one might become overly controlling or anxious and paralyzed to move ahead.

Crystals and Stones

During the season of Capricorn, select crystals for grounding and focusing that ambitious energy. Crystals that encourage motivation and achievement will also help you get the most out of this time.

  • Tiger’s eye
  • Black tourmaline
  • Garnet
  • Carnelian
  • Jet
  • Malachite
  • Smokey quartz

Essential Oils

Embracing the season and pushing towards goals can easily result in burn-out. Essential oils that ease insecurity and inspire motivation can help. Interestingly, this can be a time that many experience joint pain, and essential oils that support the skeletal system may bring relief.

Motivation Roller Blend

Try this roller blend to harness the season of Capricorn. Garnet and carnelian crystals enhance this blend because they stimulate motivation, energy, drive, and a positive attitude!


Combine essential oils in a 10 mL roller bottle and drop in crystals. Top off with coconut oil or another neutral carrier oil. (Find my favorite Constellation Trio bottles at Whimsy & Wellness!) 

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