It’s so easy to use essential oils as a personal perfume. Most of the time I simply apply an oil directly on my skin and enjoy the fragrance. But sometimes you may want a traditional spray perfume. I love that I can make a simple acceptance perfume using essential oils and bypass all the chemicals of commercial perfumes.

Furthermore, it’s nice to know that those oils don’t just smell nice, they are actually filled with molecules that benefit my body. This Acceptance Perfume spray is no exception. Spritz this on when you need a boost of confidence or when adapting to a new job, school, or any other challenging change. Read more about this blend and how essential oils benefit our emotional well-being in my Acceptance blog.

Let’s Make Some Acceptance Perfume!

You can easily modify this recipe using other essential oils of your choosing. This one combines geranium, blue tansy, and lavender. These three blends not only smell lightly sweet and lovely together, but they may just help you get through the next challenging phase or adjustment.

The vodka in this recipe allows the essential oils to mix with the water. You may use only distilled water if you prefer, but make sure you gently shake your perfume to combine before each use. Use caution when using this recipe around children or anyone who struggles with alcoholism. Definitely substitute distilled water for the vodka if you plan to use with either of these populations.


8 drops geranium essential oil blend

5 drops blue tansy essential oil blend

3 drops lavender essential oil blend

2 mL vodka

2 mL distilled water


  1. Add essential oils to a 5-mL personal atomizer.
  2. Add 50/50 vodka/distilled water to top it off.
  3. Gently roll the bottle to combine. Excessive shaking is not necessary.
  4. Spritz and embrace change!

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