Yesterday the skin on my face was so annoying: it was itchy, peeling and kept distracting me from my work. I asked you what you thought I should do. Based on your advice, I created this hydration mask recipe: so simple!


2 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tablespoons honey

2 drops rose essential oil (come on it’s Valentine’s Day after all)

2 drops manuka essential oil (the tea tree oil of New Zealand)

2 drops neroli essential oil (all the best things I love about orange blossom)

2 drops frankincense essential oil (because if I make a treatment for my skin, there is a 99.9% chance that it has frankincense)

Surprises abounded

After first thinking that I would never be able to get it into a mix, the moment I got in the bath it liquefied so much that I wondered if I would be able to spread it on my skin. Very surprisingly not oily. I mean, it had some grease to it, but not like I would think. Very surprisingly not sticky. Like at all. It seemed to multiply as I used it. Ended up spreading on my entire face, neck, arms, and knees.

Then I got worried because it was so thin that it would get in my eyes or mouth, I gave up caring when I tasted how delicious it was when it did happen to get in my mouth. Eyebrows did their job and kept it out of my eyes too. I wiped it off with a warm wash cloth, and (possibly most surprising of all) did not wash with soap afterward. Like, wait, what? You heard me, I just left the glorious feeling on my skin and got out of the tub.

My skin now feels like it has a fighting chance against Old Man Winter, thanks to this hydration mask. A lot less itchy and a very gentle exfoliation took care of the peeling skin before the mask.

What are your favorite tips for winter skin revival?

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