Clove essential oil has a sharp, warm and spicy aroma reminiscent of fall flavors. But like many other essential oils, clove is much more than a pretty fragrance. This essential oil is composed of up to 85% eugenol, a powerful chemical constituent. Eugenol brings many purifying and pain-relieving attributes to the essential oil. Check out these 10 ways to use clove essential oil.

Beauty & Hygiene

Clear up skin inflammation

Eugenol is known for reducing inflammation and promoting healing. Studies show the benefits of clove applied topically to skin. Apply a dab of clove essential oil to red, inflamed areas of skin to help reduce swelling and redness and speed healing. If you experience irritation, dilute a small amount in your moisturizer or another carrier oil.

Keep teeth and gums healthy

Many toothpastes and mouth rinses contain clove. This is because it helps purify the environment of the mouth. Additionally, it promotes strong, healthy tooth enamel and gums and prevents bad breath. You can even apply clove oil to soothe mouth ulcers.


Numb a toothache

Clove isn’t just beneficial for keeping your mouth fresh. It actually has a mild anesthetic quality. Combine a drop of clove essential oil with 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and massage onto sore gums or teeth.

Try a soothing foot soak

Inflamed, irritated, or itchy feet will thank you for a bit of relief from clove essential oil. Simply add several drops of clove to a foot bath and soak feet for at least 20 minutes. Optionally, you can also add some Epsom salts for even more relief.

Soothe a scratchy throat

The numbing and warming quality of clove essential oil make it a great option for a sore throat. Many natural lozenges and cough drops contain clove for this reason. Check out this Change of Season Throat Spray for some relief.

Soothe a bee sting

Bee stings cause a histamine reaction in the body that creates a painful, itchy welp. Clove essential oil can help numb the area as well as relieve inflammation.


Beat the blues

The sharp, uplifting aroma of clove can dispel negative emotions and help brighten spirits. Plus, it supports memory & focus while relieving fatigue. Diffuse clove in your office or when doing homework to stay sharp and focused.

Support the heart chakra

Clove essential oil supports the heart chakra in a unique way. It encourages healthy boundaries, helping a person feel empowered to break patterns of victimization. This makes it an ideal oil for anyone dealing with codependency. It also promotes self-love and acceptance by helping people to not care as much about what others may think.


Keep produce fresh

An interesting study examined the benefit of a clove essential oil rinse for lettuce. The clove-rinsed vegetables stayed fresher longer. Clove essential oil may prevent oxidation of lettuce and other vegetables, so your produce will last longer and resist browning and spoiling.

Purify your laundry

Clove essential oil has a scent strength of 5. This makes it great for removing unwanted odors from your home and your laundry. Add a few drops of clove to the wash cycle with stubborn smelly clothes, or add to your wool dryer balls instead.

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