If you’re trying to get a little more limonene or vitamin C in your diet, here’s a recipe for a ginger lime mocktail. It combines the power of limes and ginger for a refreshing drink that satisfies.

I enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink just like most other people. But there are times when I avoid alcohol, such as while cleansing. And let’s face it, we all get tired of drinking nothing but plain water all the time. For this reason, I enjoy creating different mocktails. Combining various spices, fruits, and even vegetables often yields a refreshing, festive drink without cheating on your cleanse.

Entertaining? It’s simple to mix up a pitcher of this Ginger Lime Mocktail for everyone!

ginger and lime

For reasons you should use limes more often, read this! Wondering if you should use LaCroix as your sparkling water of choice for this recipe? Check out the facts here.

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