The Uses for Essential Oils are Endless

Ginger has a distinctly warm and spicy aroma that often stirs memories of gingerbread, pumpkin pie, and other culinary treats. But the benefits of this powerful root, or rhizome, go way beyond flavoring foods. Here are my 10 favorite uses for ginger essential oil.

10 Uses for Ginger Essential Oil

Kick a Soda Habit

This delicious fizzy drink can help you kick a soda habit. It’s not only delicious, but the apple cider vinegar and ginger oil are great for your digestive system. Both alkalinizing as well. Add this drink to your daily weight loss regimen and get rid of sugary sodas and other drinks!

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

2 drops ginger essential oil, labeled for internal use

1 teaspoon raw honey or stevia (or more to taste)

16 oz. sparkling water, such as LaCroix

Combine all ingredients in a glass filled with ice, stir, and enjoy!

Pregnancy Discomforts

Ease first trimester complaints with a simple ginger-honey tea. To a cup of hot water, add a drop or two of ginger essential oil and a teaspoon of organic, raw honey. As with anytime you ingest essential oils, be sure to select varieties labeled for internal use.

Add Some Spice in the Bedroom

If you are hoping to try the pregnancy tea above in the near future, you may benefit from using ginger in the bedroom. It can be a great addition to the bedtime routine for people wanting to become pregnant. Place a few drops on your feet and/or diffuse prior to slipping between the sheets.

Dandruff Buster

Ginger essential oil can improve hair health and stimulate healthy hair growth. This study even shows that it can be beneficial in reducing the signs of dandruff. To make a simple scalp treatment, mix 4-6 drops of ginger essential oil in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and massage into the scalp. Leave on for at least an hour, or even overnight. Shampoo as usual.

For an awesome protective hair tonic recipe, check out my Essential Oil Hair Tonic!

Memory Booster

According to this study, ginger oil has been shown to improve memory, reaction time, and attention span. Diffusing or wearing ginger essential oil while working or studying may help you be more productive.

Soothe Achy Muscles

Gingerol, the primary chemical constituent of ginger, is relative to capsaicin and piperine, the compounds responsible for giving chili peppers and black pepper their spiciness. Thus, ginger has a mild warming effect when applied to the skin, which can be soothing to sore muscles. Try adding a few drops of ginger essential oil to your favorite lotion or massage oil and apply after a strenuous work out.

Tummy Roll On

Check out my Tummy Roll On recipe found in my Travel Roll On blog post. This is a great blend for when you have overindulged, eaten unfamiliar foods, or just need a little help with occasional tummy gripes.

Courage and Empowerment

Ginger is a root and can help with grounding and activating the solar plexus chakra. The next time you feel out of sync or need a little confidence boost, try placing a drop of ginger in your palms and taking a few deep breaths with your hands cupped over your face. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of ginger to your wool dryer balls to add the aroma to your freshly-washed clothes.

Energizing Sugar Scrub

Try this sugar scrub to increase circulation and energize your body.

1 cup granulated sugar

3/4 cup fractionated coconut oil

3 drops lemongrass essential oil

1 drop ginger essential oil

Combine ingredients and store in a mason jar.

Wake Up Your Coffee or Tea

Add a drop of ginger to your morning beverage of choice. The warm, spicy flavor will provide a bit of extra pick-me-up. Try my favorite Oola tea, specially formulated for essential oil infusion!

Essential Oils are so Versatile

These are only 10 of the ways to use ginger essential oil. Have more creative ways to spice up your life using ginger? Comment below and share with the community!

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