118. Death, Grief & the Legacy We Leave Behind | Part I

With: Beth Cavenaugh

Listen to "Death, grief & the legacy we leave behind | Part I | Beth Cavenaugh" on Spreaker.

Beth Cavenaugh is a certified hospice and palliative care nurse and educator with over 14 years of experience in caring for terminally ill patients. She has been a registered nurse for over 24 years and holds a bachelor's degree in nursing from Creighton University. Beth has supported hundreds of patients and their families at inpatient units, in the home setting, and behind the scenes in hospice care. Compassion, patient autonomy, and transparent communication are at the core of her care philosophy. Beth is the author of ‘Some Light at the End: An End-of-Life Guidebook for Patients and Their Caregivers’.

Topics covered in this episode:

• Who is Beth’s book, ‘Some Light at the End’ written for?
• The difference between hospice and palliative care.
• End of life rituals.
• How to care for the caregivers.
• How to craft gentleness in our language around the time of our loved one’s death.
• What does death look like?
• Spirituality.
• How to talk and educate children about death.

Referenced in the episode:
• Steven Pantilat, MD, who is the chair of palliative care department at the University of California, San Francisco.
The Lindsey Elmore - episode 9: Talking to your kids about sex. An interview with Emily Gaudreau.

Learn more about Beth Cavenaugh at www.bethcavenaugh.com

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