165. Live, Love & Sleep

With: Zeke Medina

Zeke Medina is an Adult Sleep Consultant and pharmacist that coaches clients on achieving a productive lifestyle by learning to sleep well first before implementing bigger health changes. Zeke is the co-founder of Live Love Sleep, Sleep Consulting where he works with his wife to help families learn the skill of restorative sleep. From the baby that stays up all night crying to the adults with insomnia, Live Love Sleep helps to solve sleep issues for all ages.

Zeke’s coaches clients by laying out a detailed customized plan in phases, provides education on the plan, follows up regularly with his clients, and helps to identify areas of struggle to achieve success quicker.

Topics covered in this episode:

• How sleep deprivation derails your health and wellness goals.
• Why do we sleep?
• What happens when we sleep?
• What causes lack of sleep or quality sleep.
• Melatonin supplement.
• Nutrient and supplements for sleep.
• Some of the mistakes that people make with the foods before bedtime.
• Pharmaceutical agents that can disrupt sleep. • How does anxiety and stress disrupt sleep?

Referenced in the episode:

The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 132 | Intuitive Fasting | Dr. Will Cole

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