168. Healing Mental Health with Technology

With: Dr. Nick Allen

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Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Nick Allen co-founded Ksana Health in 2019 to translate the tools and technologies he developed as the Director of University of Oregon’s Center for Digital Mental Health into products and services that will transform mental health care and research.

Dr. Allen is a clinical psychologist and social neuroscientist who investigates the interaction between biological, psychological, and environmental risk factors during adolescent development to more fully understand how to prevent mental health problems and encourage healthy development during this critical stage of life.

His 30+ years of experience in clinical psychology, social neuroscience, research, and education led him to develop two platforms available through Ksana Health. See a full list of his publications on Google Scholar

Topics covered in this episode:

• Behavioral health now and in the future.
• Where does technology meet behavioral health?
• How to make a transformative change?
• What is ecotherapy?
• The youth mental health problem.
• How data collected can translate into improvement in mental health.

Referenced in the episode:

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To learn more about Dr. Nick Allen and his work, head over to www.ksanahealth.com

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