167. Super Gut: An Easy Approach to Healing SIBO

With: Dr. William Davis

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167. Super Gut: An Easy Approach to Healing SIBO

Dr. William Davis, cardiologist, and author of the #1 New York Times bestselling ‘Wheat Belly’ series and champion of advocating for individual self-empowerment.

After 25 years of practicing cardiology, it became clear that he was in the business of dispensing prescription drugs and procedures, not health. Once he rejected conventional notions of delivering “health” through drugs and procedures and instead began to seek out ways to restore health naturally, logically, inexpensively, so many answers became apparent. Delivering these ideas to people has resulted in reversing hundreds of common health conditions, effortless weight loss, day-to-day functioning at higher levels, as well as many age-reversing effects. His new book is called ‘Super Gut’.

Topics covered in this episode:

• How we lost our microbiome.
• What hydrogen gas and methane detector.
• Why the microbiome matters so much.
• How to crowd out bad bacteria with good bacteria.
• How your microbiome helps build more collagen.
• Foods that have effects on the microbiome.
• Candida yeast overgrowth.
• Who can benefit the most from reading ‘Super Gut’ and doing the program?

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