120. How to Become More Spiritually Healthy.

With: Michele Sammons

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Michele Sammons is an inspirational author, spiritual teacher, and highly attuned guide who works with clients worldwide helping them transform their lives through divine guidance. As an empath and intuitive, Michele’s light-hearted, joyful approach embraces her clients right where they are on their spiritual path and gently guides them to personal clarity and understanding. Michele is passionate about working with others to uplift each other and spread love & joy along the way. She is the author of ‘The Little Book of Big Knowing: Tiny Burst of Insight to Wake Up Your Soul’.

Topics covered in this episode:

• How to put ourselves at ease and gain greater control of that stress response in our life.
• Creating joy and curiosity about the unknown.
• The awareness of miracles.
• How we can be better about being in the here and now.
• How our attitude and beliefs impact our physical wellbeing.
• Day to day ways that we can grow and strengthen our intuition without it feeling hard or frustrating.
• How can we use the intuitive journey to help us craft greater self-worth?
• The Intuitive Companion by Michelle Sammons (fall 2021 release)
• Spirit guides / vibe tribe, the loved beings around you.

Referenced in the episode:

The Lindsey Elmore Show: ep.15 | ‘Finding your spiritual path with the guidance of two woke men.’ Interviews with Scott Ware and Toby Gant.

If you would like a copy of twenty experiments that you can use to practice your intuition head to:

Michele Sammons’ website is www.michelesammons.com

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