121. The Pathway to Emotional Healing.

With: Jen McCraw

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Jen McCraw first felt called to healing in middle school. During high school, she set her sights on medical school. This led her to pursue a pre-med degree in biomedical science at Texas A&M University, but Jen's plans abruptly changed when she met her husband. Even while raising and homeschooling 4 daughters, Jen always felt this calling to healing.

When Jen was first introduced to essential oils, she began to see how the calling to healing would play out in her life. The more she practiced anointing and praying over people, the more she learned about helping them release emotional trauma and how that often leads to physical healing.

Jen is the author of ‘The Pathway way to Emotional Healing.’

Topics covered in this episode:

• The connection between our emotions and our physical health.
• How emotions make us physically sick.
• How emotions bring us back from being physically unwell.
• Jen’s spiritual understanding and awareness of energy.
• How to release unhealthy energies.
• About Jen McCraw’s book, ‘The Pathway to Emotional Healing.’
• How to create intentional moments of meditation and prayer.
• How to perceive the healing energy around us.
• Children and their emotional growth.

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Learn more about Jen McCraw at https://wellspring1622.com

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