Yoga looks different to everyone. For some, it is a form of physical exercise. For some, it is a great way to take a mental health break. There are many benefits to doing yoga for both the mind and body, no matter your level of expertise. It’s all about making time and getting to the mat, because your yoga journey is completely your own.

Getting started with the right gear is crucial. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite yoga must-haves that can aid any yogi as you pursue your practice.

Finding the Right Mat for Your Yoga Practice

Non-slip yoga mat
GAIAM Yoga Mat

In order to get to the mat, you have to start with a good mat! This GAIAM yoga mat offers a stable, non-slip surface for any position you’re preparing for. It’s reversible with 6mm of cushioning for comfort and to protect your joints. This non-slip feature is key when getting to know your body within your practice.

Yoga Mat Bag
GAIAM Yoga Mat Bag

Take your namaste on the go with this convenient GAIAM yoga mat bag. The simplistic design allows you to carry your mat with ease. The best part is, it’s designed to fit most yoga mat sizes, and has an expandable exterior zipper pocket for all of your goodies.

Yoga BioMat
BioMat Pro

Always wanted to try Biomat? No matter what stage you are in your yogi journey, Biomat is a great investment for healing when you’ve done some intense yoga sessions. This mat is designed to help relieve minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness. It’s a great tool to relax muscles for stress relief with deep-penetrating far infrared rays, so you can feel the healing power without leaving your home.

What to Wear During Yoga

You’ve got to have the right outfit for functionality, but you also want to feel confident and strong. Choose an outfit that is both comfortable, functional, and of course makes you feel like your best self. I’ve chosen a few separates that you can pair together, but the name of the game is function, fit and fun!

You can practice yoga in lots of different ways, and even with different footgear! If going barefoot isn’t your thing, try toeless yoga socks that provide plenty of non-slip action. They allow your toes to spread naturally for tactile feel and balance, while giving you plenty of targeted traction zones.

Alo is a great yoga clothing brand that can get you feeling and looking your best. I’ve chosen some of my favorite super-soft, comfortable styles that provide low-impact support for your yoga practice. Alo’s clothing inspires you to mindfully move, and create wellness and community.

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

On Your Period While Practicing Yoga?

yoga activewear
Thinx Activewear Collection

Staying active on your period is one of the best ways to combat those painful cramps and mood swings. Luckily, this year my favorite period-proof panty company Thinx launched activewear that allows you to sweat it out while not leaking it out. Because this is a period-proof activewear line, you can get to the mat without worry of stains or any embarrassing moments. Head here for some of my favorite styles.

Want to know more about staying active on your period? Find out why exercising on your period is beneficial in more ways than one.


With the basics of your outfit and your mat taken care of, there are some helpful tools and accessories to make your time on the mat successful and fulfilling. From setting the tone to aiding your practice, these will help provide the ultimate environment for your session. See a full gallery of what I recommend below.

  • This GAIAM printed yoga block will help you prop, lift and lengthen. Its lightweight yet stable design is ideal for perfecting your poses and adding style.
  • This cozy yoga blanket is perfect for all levels and styles. It is extremely versatile, meaning you can roll it like a bolster, elevate your block, or even use it as a comforting layer in Shavasana.
  • Try one of these crystal collections from Wild Alabaster to set the tone of your practice. This one is great for inner strength and confidence.
  • Staying hydrated during your yoga practice is a must, so add a bottle to your must-have list. This S’well Water Bottle is stainless steel, great for traveling, and easy to keep next to your mat or in your bag during a hike.
  • A balance exercise ball can help with a lot of things, even beyond your yoga practice. Try this one from GAIAM to help strengthen muscles and stay active throughout the day, even while you’re sitting at your computer.
  • Clear your mind and set your intentions by using essential oils in your practice. Whimsy + Wellness has some of my favorite roller bottles because of their thoughtful designs. Try this Phases collection that mimics the movement of the Earth while you’re moving your body fluidly as well.

Want to know which essential oils are best for yoga? Check out this blog post on four ways to combine essential oils and yoga to enhance your yoga practice.

The Best Way to Get Started, is to Just Get Started!

Yoga is not about being perfect, it’s about getting to the mat mindfully and creating an experience for yourself. Because every body and every mind is different, yoga will look different for everyone.

If you’re looking to learn some yoga basics, head here to shop my Rasayana Yoga Course that will get you started no matter your comfort and experience level. Namaste.