One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is regarding my social media strategy. People don’t know what to post on the daily. The truth is, I can’t really tell you what to post because your feed should be as unique as you, else it’s just not worth the effort. But alas, I’ve come up with some suggestions to inspire you to create social media content that will engage with your audience and get you more followers. Check out these 30 days of social media posts.

The Answer this Question

People love to answer random questions. Post a creative question and get the conversation going. This is a great way to encourage interaction with your followers. Be sure to like and comment on their responses.

Check out a simple example here.

The Throwback

Everyone loves a good throwback post. Share a proud or funny memory. Bonus points if you can share something you learned from the experience.

Check out this throwback post with my words of wisdom to my younger self.

The Faith Post

Share about something that inspires you. Post a picture of your church, a favorite worship song, a scripture, or something else that feeds your spirit.

Take a look at this post for an example.

The Let’s Get Real Post

So many social media posts paint a perfect picture of an impossible reality. Get real and post about that time you fell flat on your face or the one thing you just can’t seem to master. This is the place for your truest confessions. Don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses sometimes.

Here’s one from me.

The Moment of Cultural Tension

Cultural tension happens every day, everywhere. Some people choose to stay quiet and neutral on these topics, and others feel the need to speak out. I bet you can guess which category I fall into. Here’s the thing: I you don’t stand up for what you believe in and put your neck on the line for others in need, how will people ever see who you truly are? Go ahead and chime in on something that makes you sad, angry, excited, or proud. Be authentic always.

Here’s an example of when I used my voice to speak out for someone caught in a culturally tense situation.

The Product You Love

Post a picture of a product you wouldn’t want to live without. Also be sure to share how and why you use it (compliantly, of course).

This is an old post I wrote about some products I look to when I need a bit of help releasing unwanted negative emotions and energy.

The Celebration

Did you get a promotion or rank up? Share it! Don’t be shy about self-promoting in your social media posts, just don’t do it on the daily.

Check out this cool video my graphics team created when I hit 100K followers on Instagram.

The Family and Friends Post

Keep it real. . .no filters and no photoshop. Just post a real life picture of yourself with your family and/or friends.

Check out one of my fave picnic with my partner posts here.

The Philosophical Problem

This is where you can get a little deep. What is something you struggle with philosophically? This is also a great type of post to ask others to chime in with their opinions, experiences and insight. Let go of the idea that you need to look a certain way on social media and allow yourself to be vulnerable and transparent at times.

Here’s mine about my struggles with pains of the past.

The Thing You Tried that Didn’t Work

If we always look perfect on social media, eventually people stop paying attention. No one is perfect, and somehow that’s easier to bear when we see others’ imperfections too. Talk about an epic fail or a wrong path taken and share what you learned from it.

Check out this post where I admit one of my own shortcomings.

The Thing that Did Work

Celebrate your success and share your solution and triumph with your followers. Who knows? Maybe there’s someone who needs just what you have.

Here’s a post about my technique to alleviate stress and anxiety before dealing with crowds.

The Books You’re Reading

What’s on your bookshelf? Share your personal and professional picks and ask people to comment with their favorites too.

Check out one of mine here.

The Fun Night

This is yet another way to keep it real. Post a pic of your latest date night, movie night, family game night, or other outing.

The Tell me Your Favorite

Another twist on the question post. Tell me your favorite vacation spot, your favorite book, your favorite type of ice cream. . .you name it! Anything you can think of to get people talking will increase engagement on your social media posts.

The Business Tip

Let people see you working. If you have a great business tip, share it. The more you can show you are serious and intent about your business, the more people will notice.

Check out this post with tips for working from home.


Post your latest DIY creation with a tidbit about what it does for you. If you don’t love DIYs, share a favorite diffuser blend or a new way to use or get the most from a product.

I love to share all kinds of DIYs on my page, and my followers love it too. Like this one.

The Food You Tried

Did you cook something great this week? Post a picture with a link to the recipe.

Here’s a post with my favorite guacamole recipe.

The Giveaway

You already know it: People love giveaways. The cool thing is, they even love giveaways for small, simple items. People just love to get something for free.

Lawd knows people are always on the lookout for a giveaway post like this one.

The Collaboration

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a team of people who helped along the way. Give credit where credit is due and openly applaud and showcase your supporters, leaders, and mentors. One great way to do that is by collaborating together to teach a class, sponsor a giveaway, or coordinate an event.

Here’s one where I teamed up with some friends for a group meditation session.

The Alternatives

Focus on your audience here. Do you talk about avoiding sugar and other chemicals? Then post about alternatives to sodas. Are clean personal care products your thing? Share a great product to replace a chemical-laden one. Get creative; you may even want to share before and after photos or a relevant story.

This post does double duty by sharing a blog and giving some alternatives.

The Routine

People love knowing what other people are doing. Create social media posts with regular routines for beauty, skincare, wellness, fitness, bedtime, planning, etc. (You get the point.) Ask others to share their own routines too. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have some great ideas you want to incorporate into your own regimen.

Here’s a post about my quarantine routine.

The Exercise You’re Doing

If exercise is your thing, this will come easy. But even if you aren’t a workout junkie, you can share about your goals, desires, and plans. There is no better accountability than telling the world about your fitness goals and plans.

Here’s one of mine.

The 5 Ways To XYZ

Listical posts are so popular. There’s something about the simplicity of a list that make people read and engage. This can be about 5 ways to avoid, 5 ways to ensure, 5 ways to improve, 5 ways to use, etc.

Here’s mine with a list of ways to stay well during the holidays.

The Thing Your Were On

Go ahead, share about your accomplishments. If you were invited to be on a podcast, speak at an event, teach a course, write a blog, or other honor, tell people about it.

The What’s in the News

Is there a news story that caught your attention either because its great or completely ridiculous? Share about it and add your insightfulness. These types of posts give you the opportunity to make others think and learn to look past the headlines.

Check out this post with my thoughts on a news article about essential oil poisonings.

The Share

You spend time writing content for your website, like blogs, DIYs, videos, etc. So make sure people see them by sharing on social media. It’s the #1 best way to get your content in front of as many people as possible.

You can find loads of share posts on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, like this one.

The Pets

I don’t have pets, but most people love pets posts. Share photos of your pets and talk about their antics, and you are bound to get people liking and commenting!

This isn’t my pet, but anytime I post a cat photo, people pay attention.

The Favorites

Share your favorite songs, books, movies, blogs, podcasts, etc. You can also ask your followers to share their favorites.

Check out this post query for input for motivational materials.

The One You Make

Ok. . .there’s 29 days of inspiration for you. Did those get your wheels turning? What great ideas do you have for social media posts to engage with others? Remember to keep your posts authentic and real always. And not every post needs to be deep and philosophical and life changing. People engage with fun and spontaneous and normal too.

Social media can make us feel like we aren’t good enough. Looking a perfect posts from perfect people can defeat our confidence. Be different. Don’t try to appear perfect. Let people see who you really are in your social media posts, and they will engage because people want real. If you struggle with perfectionism, check out this post, 6 Steps for Overcoming Perfectionism and Embracing Who You Are.

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