The Taurus zodiac sign occurs roughly April 20 – May 20 (it differs slightly from year to year because of the leap year). Occurring when spring makes everything in nature sprout, this sign is fittingly nicknamed the sun sign. And like the sun, people born during this period tend to be creatures of routine. They are characteristically dependable, predictable, and resistant to change. This is the perfect season for all of us to develop and instill new routines, make commitments towards positive change, and take time to slow down as well.


Perhaps the most reliable sign of the zodiac, Taurus will persistently endure and stick to their choices until they reach a point of personal satisfaction. Taurus are sensible, grounded, practical, and realistic, sometimes to a fault. They find it easy to remain focused on tasks and projects until they are completed. This strong sense of commitment can sometimes come across as stubbornness, and Taurus may even be accused of being uncompromising. However, these characteristics make them excellent employees, friends, and partners.

Taurus are patient and very resistant to change and criticism, and they often bring the voice of reason to arguments. They shy away from emotionally charged situations favoring more practical, tangible solutions. They possess a strong work ethic, love of nature, and deep appreciation for the dependability of seasons. Frequently, Taurus are gardeners, farmers, or builders.

Taurus is a season of slowing down and making plans

For the past four weeks or so, Aries has prevailed, encouraging our creativity and guiding us to break free from the status quo. As we move into the season of Taurus, where the rubber meets the road, we can apply tangible plans to these cultivated ideas and dreams. Taurus’ sign is that of a bull, and it is time to charge forward with all of that pent-up momentum! Not too fast though; patience dominates during this time and begs us to slow our pace and develop a detailed strategy for achieving goals.

This season is also a great time to focus on self-care. As you slow down, you will naturally evaluate what brings you joy and fulfillment. When you do so, don’t shy away from exploring your sensual side as well. As the sign of Venus, “the love planet”, this is the ideal time to mindfully enjoy life’s pleasures. During this stop-and-smell-the-roses season, articulating plans and dreams flows freely.

The Heart Chakra

Taurus is strongly governed by the heart chakra. The primary focus of this chakra is love and appreciation for self and others. As the 4th of seven chakras, the heart is smack in the middle of our energy centers. This unique position makes it the center of integration of earthly matters (from our lower 3 chakras) and higher, spirit-led aspirations (from the upper 3 chakras). The heart chakra connects and integrates these energies harmoniously.

Thus, the heart chakra is all about how we connect and relate to others. When our heart energy is opened and balanced, we have clear vision and can view situations with discernment and compassion. We experience a state of openness and acceptance that brings us in touch with our world and ourselves in profound and fulfilling ways. Through the heart chakra, we also appreciate the simple beauty of life.

Crystals and Stones

Stones that encourage persistence and strength appeal to Taurus people. Green and pink stones appeal to the heart chakra and will help develop this energy.

Essential Oils

Oils that encourage relaxation and sensuality prevail for Taurus. Floral and citrus scents are favorites of this season, and many of these promote relaxation and positivity.

Taurus Essential Oil Blend

Try this blend to encourage mental clarity, relaxed purposefulness, and sensuality.

  • 3 drops ylang ylang
  • 2 drops tangerine
  • 2 drops lavender
  • 1 drop rose or geranium
  • Kyanite, lapis, and/or rose quartz crystals (optional)

Simply add listed oils to a diffuser and enjoy the aroma. Alternatively, you can create a roller bottle. Double the drops of each oil listed above and add to an empty 10 mL roller bottle. Drop in kyanite, lapis, and/or rose quartz crystals (optional), and top off with fractionated coconut oil or other neutral carrier oil.

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