Holiday Brain: 8 tips to ease your way back to work

We all enjoy a break from work. Whether it’s the holidays, a quick weekend getaway, or a family vacation, these breaks help us to stay refreshed to forge ahead in our daily work lives. But do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? If you are like me, it can take […]

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Health Benefits of Probiotics

The health benefits of probiotics are nothing new to science and medicine. The use of fermented foods for nutritional and therapeutic purposes dates back thousands of years. Although knowledge of beneficial microorganisms developed within the last century, people have enjoyed the benefits of these friendly flora for much longer. The word probiotic comes from pro and biota, meaning […]

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Confused About Essential Oils?

There is so much misinformation online about essential oils! Do they interact with medicines? Are they safe for children? This free ebook answers a few of the most common questions about essential oils. After reading this book. you can separate fact from fiction, and decide for yourself how you choose to use essential oils.


Benefits of Shiatsu Massage: from pain relief to reduced stress

Shiatsu is a type of physical therapy aimed at supporting and strengthening the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It originated from Japan and includes traditional Chinese medicine practices, as well as some influences from Western therapies. A Shiatsu practitioner uses touch, pressure, and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure and […]

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Risks of Gluten: Could gluten be the cause of your health problems?

Food allergies and food intolerances are an ever-growing public health concern. Gluten is in the spotlight for a variety of reasons, with more and more people eliminating this ingredient from their diets. In fact, over 3 million Americans alone follow a gluten-free diet. So what are the risks of gluten, and why are so many people […]

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