Sometimes, for No Good Reason, We All Experience Anger

Even though I have been surrounded by love, praise, kindness, exceptional food, warm coats, and great conversation, every couple of hours just a bit of anger, over something meaningless, would arise and feel like it inflamed my throat. I stopped, remembered to breathe in good, breathe out resentment, anger, distrust, grief. And ultimately, all my brain kept coming back to is blah, blah, blah, *@&!ing blah, just let me be angry.’ What is anger? Why does it arise? And what are some natural solutions for anger?

In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is the Seat of Anger

When the liver is inflamed, anger, frustration, and depression can all manifest as symptoms of a greater need. That actually gave me encouragement. While it may feel icky temporarily, releasing anger in small doses, and laughing at yourself before you blow up on someone else, may actually be a sign that the liver energy is moving and flowing more freely.

I’m now on Day 5 of a cleanse, and I remember the words of Charlotte Gerson ‘You can’t keep one disease and heal two others. When the body heals, it heals everything.’ So, I can look at this anger, sink into it, allow it to fester, or take it as a sign that my liver is actually loosening up and letting go of that which doesn’t serve it. Perhaps as my body is shifting, so too is my mind. And ain’t that just the best thing ever?

You can use Castor Oil Packs to help calm the liver.

Here are a Couple More Natural Solutions for Anger

Not on other people, but in breath, art, dance, kickboxing, and writing (God knows I have written some very angry letters and burned them with glee in my day ?).

Grab some Joy™ Essential Oil and know that there is Hope™ Essential Oil for your body, mind and spirit to be whole and just as perfect as God intended.

As someone much more kind and patient and amazing than me once said: ‘If no one else tells you today, know that I love you.’ I say this to myself, and I say it to you, you miraculous soul.

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