No Disrespect to Any Aromatherapist

It just isn’t the path that I will ever pursue. Last week a super fan tagged me in a post on Facebook where an essential oil company stated that I was not a doctor nor was I trained in aromatherapy. They suggested that this made me unqualified to suggest that essential oils are ingestible. They suggested that every person consult with a doctor or aromatherapist to determine individual needs before ingesting.

This Represents Exactly Why I Will Never Pursue a Certificate in Aromatherapy

My Why is to teach people that the answers to optimal health are already inside of them. That wellness is within them just waiting to be awakened. The aromatherapy dogma of “You must talk to me before knowing how to manage your health” is completely against My Why. I will not choose to believe that the vast majority of people are careless with essential oils, and additionally that it requires medical training to use them appropriately.

Of Course, You Must Use Care with Essential Oils

Can essential oils be dangerous when misused? Of course they can. This is why I have advocated for years for ingestion of very small amounts of essential oils. My best research indicates that essential oils are potentially harmful, even deadly, only when consumed in excess. Friends don’t let friends ingested multiple milliliters of essential oil. It’s not a thing. It’s bad news bears. Don’t do it.

Consume drops. 1-2 is sufficient for anyone at one time. When you consume essential oils, that are labeled for consumption, in small amounts, I conclude that there is no evidence that they cause harm.

Furthermore, the FDA Agrees with Me

According to the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Volume 3, the Food and Drug Administration recognizes dozens of essential oils, solvent free oleoresins, and natural extracts as Generally Safe for Human Consumption. This allows them to be added into foods and beverages and for essential oils to be labeled as dietary supplements. All without the consultation of an aromatherapist.

Bottom Line

Every single one of us is able to make our best decisions about essential oil usage. We do not need the dogmatic approach that unlocking the power of essential oils is only in the hands of a few people. This approach completely negates the fact that humans have been safely using essential oils for thousands of years. The systematized approach to aromatherapy is only a few hundred years old. Just as some religions tried to keep the Bible out of commoners hands for years, so too are *SOME* aromatherapists trying to control essential oils. (If you are an aromatherapist who doesn’t do this, props to you. Love you, mean it. Completely ignore this article.)

If you do trust in the education and advice I give, bless you. for complete access to all of my oily education.