In today’s age, one of the worst diseases affecting our daily lifestyle is morbid obesity. Obesity is one of the fundamental challenges that is a by-product of our lifestyle choices. This is the reason many people combat obesity this with their journey from fat to fit. Weight-loss regimes include cardio workouts to diets, to fitness regimen like yoga. Naturally, diet is a fundamental aspect of weight loss. There are many dietary components and herbs that you can use to reduce weight. Check out this list of seven such herbs for weight loss.

Herbs for Weight Loss


This common herb belongs to the legume family. Research has corroborated the fact that fenugreek aids in constraining hunger and therefore reducing food consumption. Fenugreek can satiate hunger pangs quickly to lower food consumption. 

This means that the daily consumption of fenugreek may help reduce hunger and leave you feeling full without actually eating more. This is especially helpful as obesity is often due to binge-eating or uncontrollable food consumption. Therefore, fenugreek is one of the most beneficial herbs for weight loss.


Ginger is a unique spice that adds a lot of flavor to the palette and has significant properties that aid in weight loss. The spice comes from the flowering ginger plant’s rhizome and is used traditionally as a natural remedy for an array of ailments. 

Research indicates that ginger consumption leads to decreased body weight and belly fat. This is because it increases metabolism and fat burning. At the same time, it also reduces fat absorption and appetite.


This popular herb comes from an equally well-known legacy of beneficial herbs, including mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, and sage. Oregano contains carvacrol, which is an essential chemical compound for weight loss. 

Research indicates that the sustained use of oregano may help lower food intake and weight gain. It also helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.


Although this plant’s unconventional mention is bound to raise doubts, there are plenty of reasons to back the same. Cannabis is more than a conventional psychedelic hallucinogen composed of THC. Cannabis contains many beneficial compounds that are sourced in many different weed edibles or CBD Oils. 

A significant component apart from THC is cannabidiol that is very beneficial in improving metabolism and therefore aids in weight loss. Cannabidiol reacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is primarily responsible for neurological and hormonal functioning. These benefits emanate from a reduced serotonin level induced by CBD, which can reduce stress and anxiety. This may cause your weight loss journey to be livelier and happier.null


Turmeric is a common kitchen herb and is well-known for its culinary and medicinal properties. This spice is revered for the exceptional flavor and color it adds to foods, as well as its anti-bacterial and other therapeutic benefits. 

Turmeric consists of a chemical called curcumin that is the principal factor in making it a wonder spice. Curcumin counteracts every negative effect of bacteria on inflammation. It also possesses qualities that aid in weight loss and decrease belly fat. Curcumin blocks the synthesis or absorption of fat in the body and helps prevent further fat from accumulating, making it a valuable herb for weight loss.

Black Pepper

This native spice is a common sight in kitchens, originating from the fruit of an Indian flowering vine. The spice contains a potent chemical compound called piperine that gives it its pungent flavor profile. This chemical can also impact weight loss by helping the body prevent fat cells from forming.


Cinnamon is another common household spice that needs no introduction. This aromatic spice, sourced from trees’ inner bark, has several health benefits to its credit. It provides a rich source of antioxidants that help in the reduction of weight loss. Consumption of cinnamon also helps to stabilize blood sugar and reduce appetite.

This means that cinnamon can help carry sugar from the bloodstream to cells. It also reduces specific enzymes that slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, resulting in decreased appetite and weight loss.

The Bottom Line

These herbs not only impact the flavor profile of foods, but also have extraordinary health benefits, including increasing metabolism and fat burning and promoting a feeling of fullness. Thus, expanding your spice selection to include herbs for weight loss may help facilitate your journey to become healthier.

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