Fortified with copaiba, helichrysum, and other essential oils, this Boo Boo Balm brings soothing relief to everyday cuts, scrapes, bruises and aches. Because it is very concentrated, only a small amount is typically needed. Keep a jar of this around the house for those unexpected bumps and scrapes.


1/4 cup sesame or coconut oil
2 teaspoons beeswax
20 drops copaiba essential oil
10 drops black pepper essential oil
5 drops German chamomile essential oil
7 drops helichrysum essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil


  1. Combine sesame or coconut oil and beeswax in a small glass jar.
  2. Create a double boiler by pouring a few inches of water in a small saucepan, and carefully set the jar of ingredients in the water.
  3. Next, gently heat the pan over medium-low heat.
  4. Once the mixture is completely melted, remove from heat. Finally, add essential oils and gently swirl to incorporate.
  5. Allow to cool completely and solidify before using.

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