Fear is a tricky thing.

Just when you think you have a hold of it, fear can somehow grab you and tell you: “You can’t do that. Who do you think you are? Why would anyone listen to you?”

I regret to say that for years, I have allowed fear to hold me back from writing.  Sure I wrote on blogs and online, but I never envisioned that I would have the capacity to write a book.  Even though people told me I could, I didn’t believe it because I didn’t believe in myself.  I kept saying: “What if someone doesn’t like it? What if I make a mistake? What if it is too hard?”

Then I realized: Someone won’t like it. I will make a mistake. It will be hard, but you can do hard things. Do it anyways.

After months of work, and having more discipline than ever, I was elated to announce that my first book is available for purchase. (UPDATE: my second book is now available for purchase as well!)

Essentials: 50 Answers to Common Questions About Essential Oils.

This book is a simple breakdown of complicated science of essentials oils, each of the 50 questions has a short and a long answer designed to be used by beginners and seasoned veterans.

It includes everything from the very basics (What is an essential oil?) to some of the most challenging to answer questions (Are essential oils safe to use in pregnancy?).

Because of my fear, I think I had set my goals too low. I wanted to sell 500 books in the pre-sale.  I accomplished that in just under 12 hours.  My lesson I learned: set bigger goals, dream the impossible dream, you can do it.  Your dreams matter; chase them hard.  Make them matter.  Be greater than you think you can be.  Keep the faith.  The ability is already inside you.

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