Are you aware of the new trend involving the benefits of camel milk? Neither was I until recently. This trend is growing for a reason. Camel milk has a unique structure and is loaded with vitamins. Sound crazy? Check out this post my gal Jodie wrote about how camel milk helped with her son’s miraculous healing process.

Ok, stop right here. Camels rule…cows drool.

This might be the first time you are hearing about the nectar of the camel humps, but it is coming at just the right moment for you. I truly believe that, because when I was helping my son recover from an autism diagnosis, it was just the right time for our family as well.

More and more information is available that brings awareness to the potential toxicity of cow’s dairy to the human body. Not only should we be concerned about the pesticides and antibiotics, but also one of the major reasons many people stop drinking cow’s milk is the protein it contains is indigestible by the human body. That can cause a whole host of issues PLUS contribute to an increase of mucous in the body. This may proliferate a lot of health issues, including ear infections in children and babies.

I will shout it from the rooftops…camels saved my son’s gut and were one of the biggest turning points in his recovery.


The truth about cow’s milk

My family grew up on milk, as do most families. I was the queen of drinking almost half a gallon a day! We’ve always believed it to be a good source of calcium, nutrients, and the ONLY thing to help make strong bones.

This was before I realized milk is not the best source of calcium, nor do we need it, nor is our body designed to digest it. There are many better sources of calcium for our bodies found in whole foods and proper supplementation. So, one night during my regular internet searches I stumbled upon camel milk.

I’ve always been a researcher, and what I found out about camel milk was good enough for me to feel comfortable trying it. It wouldn’t harm us and there were no side effects. I also kept reading about the “healing properties” of camel milk. The good far outweighed the bad, and my curiosity got the better of me. I just had to know if it would work. I placed an order with a small family farm, and I didn’t even tell my husband. When it showed up at the door, he really thought I’d lost my marbles.

“Yes honey, we now have camel milk and colostrum in the freezer. And, you’re welcome. I threw out your commemorative beer mugs to make room.” Look, nothing could top when I brought my placenta home to eat after our third child was born, not even camel colostrum. Who the heck am I now?

It had to be kept in the freezer. So there it was, staring at me day after day. Like a new diet, I kept telling myself today is the day. Then one day, I finally took it out of the freezer. I thought, eh why not? What’s one more whack-a-doodle idea in my ever-changing playbook of hippie craziness these days?

So, it began.

I started my son with one tablespoon. I remember thinking okay…we’ve done this before…this is just another new thing. Is he going to take it? What is going to happen? He didn’t like it very much, but he still took it. I kept looking at him all day, wondering if he was going to throw up. What was going to come out of him? It was almost like I was expecting to see an alien emerge in the form of a camel.

There wasn’t anything remarkable. No come-to-Jesus moment; no walking on water; and no parting the Red Sea.

My son had a tablespoon of milk and we carried on about our day. So, the next day I tried two tablespoons. Surely this was going to be the day the fireworks, parting of the Red Sea and walking on water was going to happen. I had gone completely rogue! I mean, if a little bit is good, more is better. Right? Warning: we’re back to talking about poop again.

And then…

His poops were better. He was more regular, and what was coming out of him was more “normal.” Every time he pooped, I had to follow him to the bathroom to take a look. I wouldn’t say I started a photo album I would carry around and proudly show others, but I definitely had my own camera roll in my head. Much like being at the eye doctor, I would say to myself, this poop or that poop? Which looks better? This…or that? You know the drill.

I believe camel milk helped Lincoln because we started very slowly and allowed his body to acclimate, which is the best way to do most things. At the time, he was also already on a path of recovery from the other things we had been doing (probiotics, dietary changes, environmental changes), which had set the stage, so to speak.

So, this outcome may have been very different had we not been doing those things first. The camel milk needs to be introduced into the body after the dietary changes and environmental changes have had time to take effect. To this day, our entire family drinks camel milk every day.

Yes, we are those camel-loving-hippie-dippy crazy people. But it works, so I guess any haters out there can just continue on with their day and disrupted guts. If there was one moment where it felt like this whole journey has been worth it; the crazy ideas, the family and friends who didn’t agree with or understand my desire to find healing for my son, it was all washed away the day I picked up my son from preschool after he had been on a camel milk protocol for a few months. It was a profound moment that left me in shock and shedding tears of joy.

The Moment

One challenge we had for most of Lincoln’s toddlerhood and into preschool was his self-regulation and emotional balancing. There were countless times I was so nervous to pick him up from school out of fear for what may have happened each day. Did he push another kid? How many meltdowns? Did he hide in the corner? Or under the table (something he was known to do)? But this one day, as I crept close to the door and held my breath, the sweet teacher asked if I could stay to chat after all the parents came to pick up their kids. You can imagine, I kind of wanted to run the other direction instead. I mean, what could be so bad I would have to stay after?

She quietly told me a story of how Lincoln created this massive tower of blocks and was so proud of himself…only for a little pint-sized terror to come and knock it down. I was bracing myself for what happened next. Did my son put him in a choke hold? Handcuffs? Cry uncontrollably?

But…uhhhhhhhh no. He simply turned to her and said, “That’s okay, I will just build it again.”

Say what??? What alien took over my son? This was HUGE! He didn’t meltdown. He didn’t go hide.

Holy shitake mushrooms. Thank you crazy camel milk!

But, it gets even better

This is where God makes no mistakes with whom we touch on a daily basis with our own stories and experiences. His teacher was also suffering at home with a child who really needed some emotional support. Like SERIOUS support. And, this was a new light for her. She quickly got over the fact that it came from a camel, and I brought her some to try, and well, you know what happened next.

It worked. Shocker.

I have another friend who tried camel milk with her son and started to see results almost immediately. He was nearly 20 years old at the time and tested on the autism spectrum. This goes against two things I have learned about healing autism:

  1. He is older than 5-years-old.
  2. The changes were immediate. What can I say, it gives me hope and it should give you hope, too.

So what’s so special about camel milk?

Camels produce milk naturally low in fat, about only 2-3%. It also has a high amount of natural omegas, and I have found it does not curdle like cow’s milk.

Camel milk simply does not contain the same proteins people are often allergic to in cow’s milk. It does not contain A1 casein or lactoglobulin and is usually well tolerated by those with dairy allergies. It also impacts blood sugar very differently and is noted as an amazing support for diabetes because of this.

Camel milk is also very close to breastmilk. And if you didn’t think I was the crazy autism recovery lady you will now. I used camel milk to help transition Adeline off of the breast when she was ready, and I also used it when I suffered from mastitis many times during her early infancy.

It’s also extremely high in immunoglobulins. These are immune powerhouses! So yes, camel milk helps keep your kids and you healthy! These antibodies are also small in structure and can pass through to tissues in the body readily. Good luck with cow’s milk doing the same.

In addition to all of that, camel milk:

  • Is high in insulin, which is beneficial for diabetics;
  • Contains unique proteins with an almost protective nature against viruses and fungus;
  • Is also high in iron and vitamin C.

Ready to get some camel milk?

I only recommend using raw milk, as even a flash pasteurization can change the chemistry, and for some people they do not experience what is called die-off. This is actually a good step in the gut healing direction. You want to get rid of the little buggers in the gut causing harm. But sometimes as they are leaving the body it can cause a detox reaction. Weather through it, my friend. Support your body with probiotics and be mindful of sugar. I also recommend being off cow’s dairy completely.

We started with a few tablespoons and worked our way up. You cannot ever have “too much,” and it can become a complete dairy replacement. However we use it like a supplement and drink about 1/2 cup a day. Typically dairy is just not a part of our household, and we have no need for it. We are healthier than ever from the choices we have made to move farther down the natural path in all areas of our life and home.

I recommend purchasing from Colorado Camel Milk. They are a family-owned camel milk dairy committed to organic and non-GMO practices. Use the code speakup to receive 10% off your order!

Tried it?

Have you tried camel milk? Comment and share your experience or testimony below!

References for further research about camel milk.

Jodie Meschuk is a warrior mom to Lincoln, Marshall, and Adeline and is a self-proclaimed modern day hippie who thinks designer fashion and camels are perfect partners. She is an advocate for autism recovery and a fighter for natural health empowerment.

Check out Jodie’s book, Speak Up Buttercup, for the whole story of how she brought her son back from autism.

Go find her out on Instagram @jodiemeschuk or Facebook: Jodie Meschuk.

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