Surprise! Essential oils are not going to rid the planet of cats.

My followers frequently bring up questions related to an article that claims essential oils cause cat poisonings and death. Y’all, can we please inject some reason into this conversation? Let’s debunk this paranoia about essential oils and cats.

Consider the Source

The article in question clearly states that the essential oils were purchased from an unknown retailer on Amazon. Strike 1, quality matters when it comes to cats.

Moderation, People

The cat was exposed for at least 4 days from a diffuser running throughout the night. She states that the cat loves to sleep with her. If the cat was under the covers, this would basically create a high potency scent tent not appropriate for cats. If on top of the covers, and the bedroom door was closed, again we create a highly concentrated environment that is not appropriate for cats. Plus, if the diffuser ran through the entire night, it creates a prolonged exposure to essential oils, and this is not appropriate for cats. Strike 2. Dose and exposure duration matter when it comes to cats.

The same essential oil was used for 4 days in a row. Strike 3, repeated exposure to the same essential oil increases the risk of adverse reactions in cats.

You’re out.

Caution is the Key

Remember friends: cats lack the ability to glucuronidate substances and they lack a P450 system, so their metabolism is much slower than a human. This means you need to use caution with oils that are high in phenols such as cassia, clove, oregano, thyme, and mountain savory. Also be careful with oils high in monoterpenes, including citrus oils, pine, spruce, and fir.

Common Sense Tips for Cat Owners

Frequently mix up the oils you use, be sure that the cat can leave the room if you’re using a diffuser, and dilute oils around cats.

How do you use oils around cats? Comment below with your own common sense tips!

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