Meeting People in New York City is Tough

I recently made a new friend in New York City, and she had never used essential oils. Right off the bat I knew I had to fix this “never used oils” thing. I soon decided to mix up this unique Friendship Essential Oil Roll On to get her started.

This sweet smelling roller is great to share with all your oily and not-yet-oily friends alike. The combination of zesty kunzea oil with citrus-scented bergamot, woodsy sandalwood, and relaxing lavender is sure to be a blend any pal would love to receive.

Here’s my recipe for the perfect roll on to share with absolutely anyone.

To Make Your Friendship Essential Oil Roll On

Grab a 10 mL roller ball and add the following essential oils:

10 drops kunzea

6 drops bergamot

4 drops sandalwood

3 drops lavender

QS AD fractionated coconut oil to 10 mL. For all you non-pharmacy geeks, that means add enough to get you to 10 mL. Basically, fill-er up!

Optionally, you can add peridot pieces into your essential oil roller. The peridot crystal opens our hearts to new relationships as well as promotes joy. Who wouldn’t want a bit of that? Screams “Friendship Roll On” to me!

Comment below and share your favorite roll on recipe!

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