Is there anything better than a new essential oil?

Kunzea essential oil comes from a native shrub that grows wild along the southern coast of Australia and Tasmania, some of the most undisturbed areas in the world. The plant has pink and white flowers. Flowers that are pink are thought to help open and expand the heart chakra.

Some people maintain that Kunzea has a spicy and woodsy aroma, but I think it is more subtle than that. It smells a bit like tea tree essential oil, but more delicate and floral. When applied to the skin, it is also a bit gentler and milder than tea tree.

What Chemical Constituents Make Kunzea Special?

Kunzea contains high levels of alpha-pinene and eucalyptol that help to soothe muscles and reduce the appearance of blemishes. It also has overlapping chemical constituents with oregano, tea tree, frankincense, hyssop, and lilac.

How to Use Kunzea

Kunzea is labeled for topical and aromatic use and can be applied neat or diluted to the skin. There are no photosensitizing ingredients in Kunzea, so it is perfect to use all summer long even when you’re out in the sun. Because it can reduce the appearance of blemishes, it is perfect to add into your daily skin care routine. Use only on a spot or add a drop to moisturizer and apply to the entire face.

Kunzea is also perfect for a workout routine as it soothes fatigued muscles. Add a few drops to melted coconut oil and allow to harden in the refrigerator to create an easy muscle rub. Or even apply directly to the chest before working out.

I recently met a friend in New York City who told me that she had never used essential oils. I’m like. . . that needs to change. We met up to go to the ballet recently, and I used Kunzea in a Friendship Roller Ball I created for her. I included peridot pieces because the green color can also help to open the heart chakra. Perfect compliment to the oil! Custom bottles and peridot pieces can be purchased here.

Friendship Roller Ball Recipe


10 drops kunzea

6 drops bergamot

4 drops sandalwood

3 drops lavender

QS AD fractionated coconut oil to 10 mL. (For all you non-pharmacy geeks, that means add enough to get you to 10 mL. Basically, fill-er up. If you want, you may select any carrier oil that is liquid at room temperature.)

custom bottle and periods pieces


Add peridot pieces into the empty roller.

†Then add essential oils.

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