There are so many recipes for blends to boost women’s libido, but finding a great blend for your man is not always easy. Try this powerful roll-on a few minutes before “go time” to help put him in the mood.

Mister essential oil blend is a combination of sage, myrtle, fennel, lavender, yarrow, and peppermint. Formulated for men, it supports the reproductive system. Goldenrod, aptly named, improves circulation and can encourage a longer-lasting erection. Idaho blue spruce is favored by many men for its ability to balance male energies and support his endocrine system.

Optional amethyst chips enhance the essential oils and may even help put your man in the right frame of mind for intimacy.


11 drops Mister essential oil blend

9 drops goldenrod essential oil

8 drops Idaho blue spruce essential oil

Neutral carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil

Amethyst chips or roller top, optional


  1. Combine essential oils in a 10 mL roller bottle and top with carrier oil.
  2. Add amethyst gemstone roller top or amethyst chips to bottle for an added boost.
  3. 30 minutes before bed, roll this blend over the left inner ankle and adrenal reflexology points (in the arch of the foot beneath the big toe) on your man’s feet.

Do you have any favorite essential oils for the bedroom? Comment and share below!

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