Blue tansy essential oil comes from the flowers of the Tanacetum annum plant. We find it in many high-end skin products because of its light, sweet aroma and therapeutic benefits for complexion. The rich blue color of this essential oil comes from the constituent chamazulene, which is also found in chamomile and yarrow essential oils. This unique and somewhat rare constituent presents many unique ways to use blue tansy essential oil.

Beauty & Hygiene

Soothe and Smooth Skin

Perhaps the most common use for blue tansy is to improve complexion. The word “chamazulene” comes from chamomile and azulene, which refers to the bright indigo color of this constituent. But this constituent does so much more than just lend a pretty color to skincare products. It is also a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals that affect skin. This can help slow the signs of aging and reduce inflammation from acne and other skin complaints.

To enjoy these benefits for your skin, check out this recipe to make Blue Tansy Cleansing Cream.


Relieve Soreness

Blue tansy also helps relieve minor muscle and joint soreness when applied topically. For a wonderful massage, add a few drops of blue tansy, wintergreen, and peppermint in a carrier oil. The wintergreen and peppermint will provide cooling relief, while the blue tansy goes to work reducing inflammation.

Support Natural Immunity

Because of its antioxidant characteristics, blue tansy supports the body’s efforts to combat everyday free radicals. A long soak in a tub with some drops of blue tansy essential oil may be just the ticket when you feel run-down or overwhelmed.

Emotional & Spiritual

Calm Down

The cool, blue color and subtle fruity aroma of blue tansy beg us to unwind and relax. The active constituent can help manage your body’s natural reaction to stress. This makes blue tansy an excellent choice for diffusing during work and study hours, as well as at the bedside to promote a good night’s sleep. Blue tansy can also help enhance relaxation and focus during your yoga routine.

Let Go of Frustrations

From an emotional aspect, blue tansy has the unique ability to help relieve irritation and anger. When we inhale essential oils, they interact directly with the amygdala portion of the brain. This area performs a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making and emotional responses (including fear, anxiety, aggression, and anger). The chemical actions of blue tansy essential oil target these frustrations and help us to release them in a positive way.

Try a simple Four-Square Breathing Exercise:

  • Apply 2-4 drops of essential oil in your palm and slowly rub hands together.
  • Cup your hands over your nose and deeply inhale for the count of four.
  • Hold your breath for another count of four.
  • Slowly exhale, again while counting to four.
  • Finally, hold for the count of four before inhaling again.
  • Repeat this pattern of breathing for a few minutes until you begin to feel calmer and more centered.

Overcome Intimidation

When the root chakra is out of balance, we may feel insecure, ungrounded, and weak. This lack of courage can cause one to be easily intimidated. Blue tansy can help balance the root chakra and increase feelings of grounding and security. Try inhaling blue tansy while thinking or reciting “I am stable” to encourage this transformation.

Speak Your Piece

In addition to supporting the root chakra, blue tansy also comes to the aid of the throat chakra. In some ways, these go hand-in-hand because when a person feels insecure and ungrounded, they naturally struggle to speak up in many circumstances. Balancing the throat chakra brings appropriate communications that are authentic, clear, and not in excess or deficit. 

Learn more about balancing chakras with essential oils here.


Send Them to Dreamland

When you’re loading up that diffuser in your child’s bedroom at night, add a few drops of soothing blue tansy. It will help settle your little ones and calm their minds for a restful night.

Because blue tansy is mild, you may even want to create a calming baby massage. Use just a drop or two of essential oil mixed in to a neutral carrier oil or baby oil.

Soothing Balm

The anti-inflammatory actions of blue tansy are very soothing to sore, chapped skin. Simply add a few drops to your diaper ointment or other lotion to smooth wherever your child’s skin needs a little extra TLC.


Puppy Zen

Don’t save the calming benefits of this essential oil just for the people in your family! Pets will love the relaxing effects too. Help stressed pets calm down with a few drops of blue tansy. You can apply the oil to bedding or place it on your hands and gently stroke your pet. Pets are very sensitive to the aromas of essential oils, so steer clear of the nose and face. Another option is to simply diffuse in the room near pets. This can be especially helpful for a pet with separation anxiety.

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