Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is a small evergreen shrub with purple-blue flowers. “Hyssop” comes from the Hebrew word ezob, which literally means “holy herb”. When thinking about hyssop essential oil, the word that comes to mind most is purifying. In historical times, this oil was used for purification and spiritual cleansing of temples and other sacred places. Let’s explore 10 ways to use hyssop essential oil that extend far beyond just purification.

Why the Child-Proof Cap?

People ask me all the time why certain essential oils have child-proof caps. In the case of hyssop, the extra precaution is because of the chemical constituent pinocamphone. In fact, hyssop contains up to 65% pinocamphones. When isolated, this constituent may have convulsant effects and may trigger seizures in both epileptic and healthy individuals. Additionally, there may be some concern for those with high blood pressure.

However, keep in mind that this somewhat rare constituent is responsible for many of the beneficial properties of this essential oil as well. As with any other essential oil, if you feel unsure about using hyssop, do your research and only use those you are comfortable with.

Now that we’ve cleared that up. . .

Let’s move on the to 10 ways to use hyssop essential oil!

Beauty and Hygiene

Cleanse the Skin

Here we go with purification. Hyssop is wonderful when added to facial cleansers and moisturizers. It may help improve complexion and encourage skin cells to regenerate, thus diminishing the appearance of fine lines and scars.


Soothe the Respiratory System

Have a cough you just can’t seem to kick? Try diffusing hyssop essential oil. The chemical constituents can soothe spasms and calm your airways and also help make that pesky cough a bit more. . .ahem. . .productive.

Gently Cleanse Minor Abrasions

Hyssop is in the same family as lavender, and is mild and gentle, yet powerful at stimulating the body to heal. Apply a bit of diluted hyssop to minor cuts, burns, and scrapes to soothe and speed your body’s natural response.

Relieve Embarrassing Digestive Complaints

If you suffer digestive complaints, such as indigestion or flatulence, hyssop to the rescue. It may stimulate the natural production of digestive secretions to aid in more efficient digestion. This spells relief from gas and other indigestion symptoms.

PMS Relief

Those same anti-spasmodic properties may also help relieve cramping. For a recipe using hyssop and other blends to bring relief from PMS complaints, check out this post.

Just Relax

Studies show that hyssop may be an effective muscle relaxer. After a stressful day or a hard workout, try this soothing blend in a warm bath to ease the tension away: 4 drops hyssop, 4 drops lavender, 2 drops frankincense.


Remove Emotional Hurdles

In Psalm 51, King David speaks of using hyssop to overcome his remorse and guilt. This spiritually purifying essential oil may relieve feelings of past regrets and help you move forward with positivity.

Spiritual Cleansing

Not only can hyssop help cleanse the person, but many people also use it to cleanse their homes. Historically, hyssop has been regarded as a protective oil used for consecrating holy places. Some people believe it clears negativity and promotes spiritual well-being.

Think Clearly

Hyssop has a crisp aroma that can stimulate clarity of mind for finding one’s purpose. In this way, it can enhance creativity and inspire personal growth and mental endurance.

For Your Pets

Calm Pet’s Anxieties

Just as hyssop can help people overcome their past, it may also be effective for helping a pet overcome stressful memories or history of abuse or neglect. If you’ve adopted a shelter pet, try diffusing hyssop to alleviate some natural fears and hurdles from past negative experiences. Check out this post to learn more about essential oils that calm pets.

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