Pets experience fear or anxiety for various reasons. Loud noises, such as fireworks or storms, strange visitors, new experiences, trips to the vet, and injury or illness, are just a few common reasons pets experience stress. Fortunately, there are a number of natural ways to help alleviate your furry family members’ fear. Among these, essential oils can help calm and ease pets’ anxiety and stress.

For the most part, the oils that you use to relax and calm yourself are the same ones you can use with your pets. Understanding the type of fear, anxiety, or phobia your pet is experiencing will help you choose the right oil for the job. Check out this post to learn more about fear in pets.

Citrus oils

Citrus essential oils, like bergamot, orange, tangerine, or lemon are uplifting and can help calm an anxious pet. These may be especially helpful for pets that experience separation anxiety or sadness.

Flower oils

Flower oils are relaxing and can help improve self esteem and confidence. Lavender essential oil is a gentle, go-to oil for relaxing nervous pets. You may also try ylang ylang, melissa, angelica, chamomile, or neroli. Place a few drops on your pet’s bedding or in a nearby diffuser to encourage peaceful rest and reassurance, especially when the animal is frightened by loud noises, such as a storm.

Tree oils

The chemical constituents in tree oils, such as sandalwood, cedarwood, spruce, and frankincense, are perfect for encouraging sleep. Because many of them tend to have milder aromas, even pets who are opposed to most essential oils may tolerate tree oils better.

Root & Seed Oils

Root and seed oils are grounding, promoting security and confidence in pets and humans. Some specific oils to help increase your pet’s courage are valerian and coriander seed. These oils may also help promote rest for an animal who has trouble sleeping.

Other Calming Essential Oils for Pets

Other oils that may help to calm general pet nervousness include patchouli and petitgrain. Hyssop may be particularly effective at helping a pet overcome stressful memories or history of abuse or neglect.

What are your favorite oils to calm your pets?

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