Nutmeg essential oil brings to mind spicy, warm flavors and aromas of fall. From pumpkin spice to gingerbread, nutmeg brings her inviting aroma to many a fragrance and holiday recipe. The same compounds which carry the warm flavors of nutmeg are also responsible for numerous impressive health benefits. Check out these surprising 10 ways to use nutmeg essential oil.

Nutmeg comes from the evergreen tree Myritica fragrans native to the Indonesian Spice Islands. The essential oil is steam distilled from the seed of the fruit from this tree. Interestingly, nutmeg is one of the few essential oils that contains the chemical compound myristicin. This compound provides the signature aroma and flavor of nutmeg. In excess, myristicin can be psychoactive but can also soothe the mind, increase antioxidant activity, and improve circulation.

Beauty and Hygiene

Freshen Breath

Nutmeg is very high in monoterpenes, which can help to create an environment that is unfriendly to bacteria. This makes it very suitable for dental care products. Plus, it is gentle enough for sensitive or infected gums and may also relieve minor mouth sores. Add a few drops of nutmeg to your mouthwash or right on top of your dollop of toothpaste before brushing.

Improve Complexion

Nutmeg has many properties that benefit the skin, from improving circulation to combatting acne to stimulating healthy blood flow. And because it fights free radicals, it can improve the overall appearance of skin and slow the aging process. Want to try it? Check out this recipe for an Essential Oil Intensive Repair Night Cream.


Calm Digestive Complaints

Nutmeg stimulates the digestive system and can relieve bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation. Simply apply a few drops to the abdomen or take internally.

Catch Some Zzzzz’s

Nutmeg essential oil has mild sedative properties. It can help improve sleep by decreasing activity of stress-related enzymes. If you struggle to drift off to sleep, try a few drops of nutmeg massaged into your feet or diffused at your bedside.

Relieve Inflammation

Nutmeg creates a soothing, warming sensation when applied to the skin. If your joints are stiff and achy, try a bit of nutmeg to loosen them. You may also experience relief from minor headaches with a dab of nutmeg essential oil.



The myristicin in nutmeg is soothing and relaxing to the mind. This mild sedative can help calm the emotions and bring renewed focus. Wear nutmeg topically or diffuse during times of stress.

Improve Concentration and Memory

Many essential oils can stimulate brain activity. Nutmeg, in particular, works by lifting away exhaustion while improving concentration and memory. For best results, use it in a diffuser during study time.

Restore Balance

Interestingly, nutmeg essential oil benefits almost all of the body’s chakras in some way. Because of this, it brings overall balance and harmony. Use it to unwind blockages in the abdomen and sexual organs, and to increase energy in the heart chakra. Additionally, it helps balance energy in the crown, third eye, and throat chakras, connecting them all together.


Make Ready

Nutmeg is a stimulating, energizing essential oil that can serve as an aphrodisiac for both physical and sexual energy. It increases circulation, and this makes it an excellent choice in the bedroom. Check out this recipe from my friend Lucy Libido:

Mr. Libido’s Perky Pellet

  • 5 drops Idaho blue spruce
  • 3 drops goldenrod
  • 3 drops nutmeg
  • 10 drops olive oil

Combine essential oils and olive oil in a capsule. Have your man swallow it 10-30 minutes before go time for optimal circulation.

Want more great recipes for the bedroom? Check out Lucy Libido’s book!

Try a Warming Massage

The gentle warming sensation produced by nutmeg makes it ideal for massage. Don’t go crazy here and pour a whole bottle on. Start with just a few drops mixed into a carrier oil, or try this Meet Me Between the Sheets Massage Oil.

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