During this time of year, do you find yourself needing more space to breathe? To cleanse the air in your home or work space to allow for relaxation and new growth? If you feel out of balance and just a bit “off” during the winter months, an imbalance of your kapha dosha may be the culprit.

Pine essential oil may just have the affinities you need this time of year. Just like the tree it comes from, the oil is known for the qualities of humbleness, fortitude, and patience. Think about that as you look at your beautiful Christmas tree.

Ayurveda Doshas

Ayurveda teaches us that there we are comprised of 3 energetic life forces, or doshas. These control how our bodies work. They are vata dosha (space and air); pitta dosha (fire and water); and kapha dosha (water and earth). Everyone possesses a unique mix of these three doshas, and one is usually more predominate than the others. Some people believe that your health and wellness depend on the balance of your doshas.

As we enter the winter season, many areas are experiencing the cold, damp, and cloudy period of seasonal change. During the winter you may find that kapha is out of balance. You can have kapha imbalances any time of the year, but a more dormant lifestyle and heavier foods we eat around this time may contribute. Life events and the stress of the holiday can also throw off your kapha. On an emotional level, you may see increased sadness and decreased energy.

Results of Low Kapha

Ayurvedic teachings tell us that kapha’s role is to nourish. If in excess, your adrenal glands may become fatigued as we deplete healthy kapha. As kapha balance is diminished, this changes the rest of your systematic balance and can lead to poor immunity. As this cycle continues, the adrenal glands will start to draw from other organs in the endocrine system, such as your reproductive organs. In order to produce more cortisol, they “rob” steroid hormone precursors needed for the production of testosterone and estrogen. Glucose levels are also impacted as the pancreas tries to help the adrenal system keep up by providing blood glucose for energy demands. If the cycle is not broken, continued depletion may lead to thyroid disorders. 

Aromatherapy as an Option

Aromatherapy offers many ways to break this cycle and restore balance. Opposites balance in Ayurveda: warm and dry qualities will balance the heavy, cold, and wet nature of excess kapha dosha. Thus, when using essential oils for reducing kapha, it is best to select oils that are spicy, warming, and slightly drying.

Try this kapha reducer blend. You can create a personal inhaler, make a massage blend, or diffuse the oils in the blend to help restore emotional balance and replenish your vital energy. 

Kapha Reducer Blend Recipe

In a empty 5 mL glass bottle, combine the following oils and allow them to rest overnight:

To use during times of stress or fatigue:

  1. Add 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand and rub together. Then cup your hands over your nose and inhale for about a minute.
  2. Place a few drops of the blend in your diffuser and enjoy the aroma.
  3. Add oils to a personal inhaler to keep handy for repeated use.
  4. For massage, use about 4-6 drops with a carrier oil of your choice and massage over the adrenal gland/kidney area of your back. 

What oils do you use to help energize and restore balance?

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